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Military/Government Issue

In our Military and Government Issue Survival Equipment Category you will find numerous items that fall into several categories of government approval and or government issue.

First, all items that are either U.S. Government Issue or Approved, Foreign Government Issue or Approved (this includes NATO Approved Survival Gear) or other Government Agency approved will be listed. The later group of survival items includes approvals by other agencies such as SOLAS approved items, FDA, USDA and numerous other agency approvals. For your convenience, you will see that they are also broken up into the three categories and may be accessed by clicking the appropriate image below this information.

Many of our survival products, to include our Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin and our Ultimate Adventurer Pocket Survival Kit are U.S. Military issue.

Military Issue Survival Equipment NATO Approved Survival Equipment
Agency Approved Survival Gear

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  • Military Scout Survival Kit

    Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin

  • Ames.Northrop Grumman US Military E Tool

    Military Surplus Entrenching Tool


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  • Cammenga Phosphorescent Wrist Compass

    Cammenga Phosphorescent Military Wrist Compass


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