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Celox - Hemostatic Agent

Celox Blood Stopper

CELOX™ is a new granular hemostatic agent that controls life-threatening bleeding fast.

CELOX is safe for both the victim and the caregiver, simple to use - no training required - and can be used for bleeding injuries in extreme low temperatures and will even clot Heparinized blood. In addition, CELOX saves lives without generating heat!

Best of all, CELOX can be used as an immediate response for all bleeding - even high pressure, high volume bleeding from major arteries - which saves time, eliminates decision-making and reduces blood loss.

CELOX is FDA and US Government Approved.

CELOX has been approved for use by the FDA and the U.S. Military and has been issued the below National Stock Numbers:

NSN 6510-01-549-5980 - Single CELOX 35 gram package
NSN 6510-01-549-6058 - Box of 100 CELOX 35 gram packages.

Unlike other blood clotting products, CELOX works in extreme cold conditions and works on Heparinized blood (Heparin, a blood thinner, is used to prevent strokes). In addition, it is not exothermic; it does not burn the victim or caregiver. CELOX is safe to use for the entire body including head, neck and chest wounds.

We currently offer Celox Hemostatic Agent in two versions:

Celox Hemostatic Agent

The Celox Granular Hemostatic Agent - 35 Gram Packet is designed for large or multiple wounds. The Celox Granular Hemostatic Agent - 15 Gram Packet packs in smaller containers and is designed for smaller wounds.

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