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Survival - A Quick Philosophy on The Current State of of Survival Theory and Gear

At a time when the Internet has become the world’s marketplace, there is certainly no shortage of websites that stand ready to sell you everything you need, you think you need, and many things you didn’t know you need for almost any survival situation. Yes – it is true that many individuals and companies sell specialized “Survival” equipment ranging from the highest quality to the cheapest and most useless trinkets whose only value is to aid in the survival of the seller’s bank account.

It seems like everyone wants to talk about “prepping” these days. One of cable television’s latest hit series involves stories about the latest multi-million dollar hardened shelters paid for by people whom (it seems) live like there’s no living unless you’re prepping for the end of the world. Other television shows feature some families whose ample mixture of freeze-dried food, ammunition, and equipment of all descriptions makes me want to pray that my lottery numbers are drawn so I can be as "prepared" as they are.

Indeed, there are also no shortage of opinions on the correct way to prepare for the many survival scenarios ranging from the "typical" lost-on-a campout situation to the December 21, 2012-“Magnetic-Poles-Reversing-and-the-Ensuing-Catastrophic-Realignment-of-the-Continents” disaster envisioned by many.

As the newest contributor to the myriad of Survival bloggers, it is not my intention to use this soapbox (or, perhaps I should say “this MRE crate?”) to rail against the many examples of useless pieces of gear I have come across in the years that I have owned, tested, and used such items. I would rather spend this time to discuss the concept and practical nature of both the equipment and the intended use of what both others and we offer.

I will sometimes feature an item or set of items that we at Best Glide A.S.E. Inc. have found to be both a good value and of practical use. I will sometimes mention a particularly good special offer or discount code that you can take advantage of. I will often write of some of the experiences others and we have had in the concept, design, and use of both our equipment and other items that either worked, or didn’t work so well – or didn’t at all.

So, with the formalities out of the way – let’s get started with one of my favorite questions:

“Is it better to be lucky or good?”

One of my “signature” statements regarding such a thought can be found on a shirt I acquired from my favorite Police Equipment store.

That statement is “Fortune Favors the Prepared – Take Care of Your Equipment!”

It should be obvious that The More You Are Prepared, The Further Your “Luck” Will Extend.

For instance, say you suddenly decided to pop-in and surprise an old friend who lives in west Texas. The mobile phone coverage is sparse, the gas stations are few, and you will be driving your 40-year-old asthmatic two-ton road-boat with over 120,000 miles that experiences occasional overheating issues.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to (at the VERY least) bring along a few extra gallons of coolant/water mix and a few gallons of drinking water in a cooler and to also let someone know your travel plans and route?

But… what if instead you simply relied on your “luck” and hoped that nothing bad would happen and began the 200 mile drive with an old milk jug half-filled with tap water for the radiator and a 32 ounce Mega-Slurp soda from the last convenience store where you just gassed-up?

Now - wouldn’t just a little bit of extra preparation serve to decrease the odds of your sun bleached and coyote-gnawed bones being found 5 miles from your abandoned car 2 months after someone realizes you’re missing?

We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Hoping for the best but depending on luck when preparation is available but not used… that is just hoping for the most elusive luck of all – dumb luck.

I’d rather begin a journey having used some effort and readily available resources to be prepared for the worst than to expect the lightning bolt of dumb luck to strike at the exact moment it would be most needed.

“Fortune Favors the Prepared”.

Next time:  My version of “Survival Basics 101”

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