Just a few hours ago, the news of the massacre of the innocents in Connecticut flashed across the Internet
and it seemed the whole world stopped to watch and wonder at the depravity of such an event. The human
toll can never measured correctly in terms of the lives the animal responsible for this took and the ones he
changed forever.

As a parent, grandparent, and Police Officer I was, and still am physically sickened at the reports of the
children and adults who were murdered and injured. As a parent and grandparent  I am deeply grieved
by the loss of so many children and the adults who were massacred. As a Police Officer trained in Active
Shooter scenarios, I have a feeling similar to the utter helplessness I felt as I sat with my son one morning
in 2001 and watched the 9/11 events unfold on television.

Can we prepare for such an emergency? The answer is subjective, as there are different levels of
preparation. We can prepare for handling the situation while it is occuring, and we can prepare for the
aftermath, which is sometimes deadlier than the actual event... remember Hurricane Katrina?

One of the reasons I am drawn to the Survival Equipment and Prepping Supplies field is a very
simple one: When you prepare to survive an emergency, you are taking a pro-active stance to increasing
your chances of survival. When you know a hurricane is coming - you prepare. When a Tornado watch is
announced, you prepare. When a Winter Storm Advisory is announced, you prepare.

You prepare because you want to survive, and you want your loved ones to survive.

Don't let the "People who Prepare to Survive" nay-sayers get to you. Do what you need to do to prepare
for a trip gone wrong, a vacation gone wrong, a mission gone wrong, or a world gone wrong.

Purchase, maintain, practice and train with your Survival equipment so you will know how to use it
when the time comes. There are different catagories of Survival equipment such as fire and warmth,
shelter, cooking, food gathering, etc. Take a few minutes on your day-off to practice one of these skills
each week, and include your family.

We can't solve the problem in society and in the minds of the filth that carry out such heinous crimes
against humanity like what occured today in Connecticut. But we can do all we can to protect ourselves
and families by preparing for other emergncies, both natural and man made.

How can a man made emergency like this one call for Survival skills? Perhaps something similar
could happen to an entire town that was more isolated, and for whatever reason the town was locked down and access to basic services denied. Wouldn't your skills come in handy for fire starting, water purification, cooking,
sanitation, etc.?

In 2005, I worked in a small Texas town as a Police Officer when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita came barreling up
the Gulf Coast. Our little town was one of many with not only one, but two major escape routes for the
hundreds of thousands of people who were fleeing both the destruction and aftermath of Katrina, but the
imminent threat of Rita.

Our little town is about 235 highway miles to the nearest portion of the Texas Gulf Coast. When I make
my Saltwater Fishing trips, it takes me about 5 hours to get to Surfside Beach.

I spoke with people who, taking the same route, took them 24 - 36 hours to get that far. Could their Survival
and prepping skills come in handy while they were en route?

Many of the people were ragged and dirty, tired, hungry, and almost dehydrated. Could their Survival
supplies have come in handy while they were crawling along the road slow enough to get out and walk?

People died on this trek from the coast. People died of health problems caused by dehydration, stress,
anger and fear. Could some of these issues have been alleviated by some Survival prepping. I believe so.

We manufacture, market, and create items used for our physical Survival. We help others prepare for trouble
while we do the same. The focus on Survival items has shifted in the last few years to include Prepping for
whatever scenario one wants to imagine could happen, and scenarios we pray don't happen.

Whoever you buy your supplies from, please make sure you are getting the best you can afford and use them as
a starting point. Many of the best Survival items are already in your home. Buy a Survival kit then obtain a container
that can hold the kit you bought and the items you can add to the kit. Throw in some bottled water, a few MREs,
and other items you already have around the house.

Carpe' Diem - Seize the Day. Prepare now while you can for that trip, that vacation, that hurricane, that tornado,
that emergency that will turn your world upside down.

R.I.P. Newtown, Ct. Massacre victims. Peace to their family, friends, and those tasked with dealing with the aftermath.

"Fortuna favet præparaverat  -  Fortune Favors the Prepared!"