It goes without saying that the two biggest news topics of the last few weeks has been
the Presidential Election and Hurricane Sandy, or "Superstorm Sandy" as some are calling

I mention this because these two events have both been the impetuous for what is surpassing
the biggest surge in Survival Prepping since "Y2K", and this includes the dramatic countdown to December 21, 2012.

Some wonder why I blog so much about Prepping in a Survival Equipment forum. I do this because
there are so many parallels in these two topics that they are very close to being a subject one and the same.

But what we at Best Glide A.S.E. Inc. focus on are the times when we travel into those areas of the world that are by definition, a wilderness to us and the way we live our lives. I know many people carry a "BOB" (Bug Out Bag) in their truck or car, and they have one in their home... but what about when you are flying commercial, or taking a bus or train trip?

I do not fly commercial aircraft very often, but when I do, it is for a very good reason. I will not endure watching others
or myself going through the travesty of TSA Screening willingly more often than I absolutely have to, because the
degradation of other humans and myself is pretty low on my list of things I want to witness.

But think about it - it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that the plane, bus, train, etc. that you are travelling on
could go down in a remote area where rescue may be days or weeks away. It is the topic of many television
shows and motion pictures... "Lost", "Cast Away" , "Alive" (Yikes!) etc., and many others

Sure, there are Survival Kits on commercial aircraft, but how many do you see on buses and trains?

When I started working with Best Glide A.S.E. Inc, I took a good look at my own preparations, and found several places that I could put even a rudimentary Survival Kit and be ready "just in case", and those two places are my Tackle boxes (I fish both Salt and Fresh water) and in my checked luggage when I fly commercially. I haven't taken many bus trips in the recent past, but if I do, there will be a kit in that luggage too.

If something happens and I am cut-off from the world while I am fishing, I at least have some equipment to help me Survive. If I am flying commercial and the plane goes down in a survivalble fashion, and if I can get to it, there is a kit in my luggage that will help me and perhaps some of the other survivors. If I do not survive and others do, perhaps they will benefit from my Survival preparations.

What I do is tie a very prominent (to me) tag to my luggage so in the event of an emergency (or just to find it quicker when my luggage comes sliding down the Luggage Claim chute) I can identify it much quicker.

Always check the Air Carrier you will be travelling with to make sure you can carry certain items, and also check the TSA's website for what they say you can check and carry-on.

Take my advice - NEVER assume you can take a certain item in your carry-on. Some very innocent people have been the subject of quick, sudden, and forceful examination of their persons and motives when they attempted to bring (or forgot they had it in their purse or wallet) something they should not have on a commercial aircraft to the TSA Security line. Good Example: Any item described as a "Credit Card" tool is probably going to get confiscated and sold to the highest bidder as a lot of items at the TSA's Auction website, not to mention your probable incarceration for bringing it to the Airport Check-in line.

Survival demands preparation and common sense. Common sense is nothing more than thinking of what can go wrong and preparing for how we will perform when the bad things happen.

The best way to prepare for being a victim is to not prepare at all.

"Fortuna favet præparaverat  -  Fortune Favors the Prepared!"