Wow - what an appealing lead-in!

As I write this, I am in the slippery, yet determined fingers of whatever plague, blight, or other malady is trying to invade my person. It seems like everyone I know has someone at home sick with the latest influenza-related sickness that is out there. Will it settle in my lungs, my bones, my throat, or all places at once? Stay tuned for the outcome. But for now, please bear with the rambling and chaotic segue into today’s blog entry.

I would love to go back to the good old days where people wrote and mailed letters to each other, birthday cards were something you could keep forever in a drawer, and cell phones were called “mobile radio-telephones” and no one I knew had one, and I had no desire to carry one in my truck, car, and especially on my person.

So now, I carry a fairly state-of-the-art “Smart phone” and honestly, the only real reasons I have one is I can charge it from my emergency crank radio if I need to in an Survival situation and it can also store and access Survival-related documents for reference in an emergency.

But, with all the techno-wizardry available to us, my worse failing is that I have allowed myself to become immersed in the world of Facebook. I have about 100 people in my “Friends” list, but I have over 400 “Likes” and it is from these businesses and individuals that I get 250 or more updates every day.

Due to my fondness of the United States of America, The Great State of Texas, the US Constitution, and particularly the Bill Of Rights, I receive many updates each day of the week warning me of the erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights and all the dire consequences inherent in the eventuality of any contravention of said rights. I read a great many good and informative posts and I also disregard the more “out there” opinions and pseudo "newsworthy" items.

Every hour of every day I am bombarded by people suggesting I sell everything I own and buy guns and ammo by the bushel. I am overwhelmed with suggestions that I buy 20 different types of Survival food so when the SHTF (do I really need to spell it out?) I will be able to provided sustenance for my family.

BTW – Best Glide A.S.E. Inc, distributes the two best types of prepared Survival Food – Wise Foods and Mainstay. I am very happy with both and recommend them as well as an Emergency Sprout kit (available from some retailers online) for my after SHTF scenarios as well as short-term needs.

But all the preparation for disaster, both from a camping or hiking trip gone wrong or an actual disaster up to and including, and surpassing a SHTF scenario… all your plans of Survival can be shot to hell if you don’t practice some basic hygiene rules. All it takes is one tiny Giardia lamblia parasite in your gut and your subsequent immediate future will involve a great deal of misery that will render you helpless at a time when you need to be at your best.

So right now, I am going to focus on a few Personal Hygiene when out in the wilderness (close or far). We will review some more long-term issues with hygiene in a later blog entry.

I carry at least 6 small bottles of hand sanitizer in my Patrol car and use them frequently whenever I make contact with anyone. I use it no matter if I touch anyone or just their Drivers License or even if they just breathed in my direction.

It brings to mind what sort of health-related measures (aren’t ALL measures health-related in a Survival situation?) we take when we go camping, or are involved in a Survival incident. If you don’t already have a sanitation plan, consider this one:


How can we do this when we may not have the usual water and soap? Well, there are several things we can do to lessen the chance of ingesting (swallowing, inhaling, or otherwise introducing a bug to our insides) something that can and will make us sick – too sick to work at Surviving, and very possibly too sick to live.

First – wash your hands with soap and water if you have them. Wash and rub your hands together for at least 2 minutes – just count to one hundred and twenty. Rinse your hands thoroughly and then let them air dry. Believe me - your Survival is worth at least 2 minutes of your time - especially in a Survival situation.

Second – Do not put anything into your mouth except purified water and cooked / steamed food. Wild fruits, veggies, and other natural foods you scavenge that can be eaten raw really need to be washed off first. One of the best sanitizers is UV light – Sunlight. If you can keep the flies and other bugs off of it, let your freshly harvested food item sit in the sunlight after you have washed it off.

Third – When nature calls: Do you remember that 50 foot tube that our Health teachers in High School said we all have inside us? Just remember that the last 5 feet or so of that tube is packed with diseased human waste, as well as a gazillion little bacteria that would like nothing more than going back into your mouth for another adventure-filled sojourn though your intestines. Avoid contact with poop at all costs. Do your business well away from where you are sheltering and especially well-away from your water supply. If you brought a handy travel-sized bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, use it after Number 2-ing and then let your hands air dry (in the sunshine, if possible).

I know it sounds gross, but keep your feet (Shoes too!) away from poop and any entrails of animals you kill for food. You really don't want to track that disease-ridden crap back into your Survival campsite area.

Fourth – If you have the incredible blessing of setting up your Survival campsite near a source of running water, then do yourself the incredibly easy favor of performing all of your “eliminations” and animal-enviscerations away and downstream of your location. Basically, make sure if the area of ground you use for thes afore-mentioned germ-ridden activities are downstream from where you are obtaining your water. This includes any location from where you are getting your water. This way you can help avoid infecting yourself with the former tenants of your intestines.

Speaking of Hand Sanitizer – if you are Prepping for the SHTF scenarios, invest in a few large bottles of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer for every multi-pack of Toilet Paper you obtain. If you are putting together or maintaining BugOut Bags and Survival Kits – get a few travel-sized bottles and put them away. And if you are going to buy a few small bottles – go ahead and buy a dozen or so.

These little wonderful bottles of sanitized sunshine are worth their weight in gold when you need them.

"Fortuna favet præparaverat  -  Fortune Favors the Prepared!"