(Definition: “Wilderness” – Somewhere where other people aren’t and you shouldn’t be – unless you went there on purpose)

There is no “one standard” Survival situation. No matter how similar any two scenarios may appear to be, there is always a new or unseen parameter which rears its indifferent head to you as you sit there… alone and wondering what to do next.

To begin with, I will quote from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Emblazoned on the back cover are the two words you have got to lock into your mind so you won’t go screaming into the night:


Keeping yourself calm during one of the most stressful times of your life may be a tall order for you if you are high-strung, but it is one of the basic steps of survival. Even standing or just sitting still and perhaps eating a piece of hard candy from your Survival kit will give your body a chance to quiet-down a little, and clearing your mind enough to think about your situation.

The reason for you being where you are in the wilderness will have a definite impact on what steps are needed to ensure the best odds for your survival.  You intended to either drive through the wilderness or fly over it, but now you are standing in it. Your chosen mode of travel will have at least some articles or equipment that you can use in your Survival quest. I will cover some of those items in my next blog entry.

Hopefully, you have already completed the most basic of all steps – you have purchased or put-together a Survival Kit before you needed it.

If you did prepare, then you have at least a rudimentary Survival Kit with you. At the very least, this kit will have a whistle, fire starting materials, a compass, and a signal mirror, among other items. Here is a good place to start:


Yes, we sell Survival Kits of all sizes and types. And yes, I would like to sell you some of them. But my highest hope is that you have one when you need it, no matter where you bought it, as long as it is made of quality items that have been tested and are proven to work.

Now…First – Stop, sit down, and think. Go over your physical condition. If you are hurt, this is the time to address that issue. Your immediate and long-term survival is dependent on you at least stabilizing your condition if you are injured.

As important as the Survival Kit itself are the preparations you made before you left, and that includes brushing up or learning some of the basic medical skills you would need to call upon if you were to need them. If I may suggest:http://www.adventuresurvivalequipment.com/backcountry-firstaid-tilton.html

What now? This can be answered easily… if you were part of a group and you became separated, it’s probably a good time to grab the high-decibel whistle you hopefully included as part of your survival kit.


So you have been blasting three bursts at a time from your whistle for hours, and it is approaching sunset. It is probably beginning to occur to you that rescue may not be immediate, so what about shelter and a fire?

This is where some prior Survival instruction, either as part of some hands-on training, or at least from self-study comes into play.

Safe fire starting and use, as well as simple shelter building, are essential to your survival.  There are many books out there that are written by knowledgeable people that can get you familiar with these two basic Survival needs. We offer some of the best:


That's it for now - much more coming...

Remember: "Fortune Favors the Prepared!"