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Adventurer Compact Tracker Button Compass

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Compact Tracker II Survival Button Compass

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The Compact Tracker Button Compass is a durable, oil filled, pressurized military style, 20 mm, compass. This compass is oil filled for needle dampening and is pressurized. It is extremely rugged.

The small size of the Compact Tracker Button Compass makes it a perfect fit for any pocket, survival kit or pack.

We also offer the Mini Tracker Button Compass, a 14mm version, slightly smaller survival button compass.


Adventurer Series Survival Equipment
by Best Glide ASE

As part of our new Adventurer Series of survival equipment, Best Glide is offering our new, 20 mm Compact Tracker Survival Compass.

We currently offer the Compact Tracker Button Compass (20 mm) and the Mini Tracker Button Compass (14 mm). All sizes are approximate, but very close.

The Compact Tracker Survival Button Compass is an oil filled, pressurized military quality compass. This compass is oil filled for needle dampening and is pressurized.

The small size of the Compact Tracker Survival Button Compass, 20 mm, makes it a perfect fit for any pocket, survival kit or pack. Due to its size, it also has the ability to be mounted practically anywhere.

The Compact Tracker Emergency Button Compass, and very similar compasses, are featured in many of our high quality survival kits as well as survival kits worldwide. However, we have recently upgraded this compass to be even more precise, dependable and of higher quality! This is why it is a little more expensive than some "Made in China" compasses you see on the market today.

Compact Tracker Button Compass features:

Compact diameter (20mm)
Oil filled for needle dampening
Water Resistant to 30 meters
Order Code: SN1315

Origin of the Survival Button Compass

One should bear in mind that the button compass is only a guide, not to be used for detailed orienteering. The origin of the button compass is in escape and evasion and was often used by downed pilots over unfamiliar territory. It was made small and durable in an effort to make it easily concealable. However, this small size comes with a trade for accuracy, due to the smaller magnets contained within.

This compact survival compasses were and are used as an aid for locating a general direction, rather than a precise map reading instrument. That a button compass is off by an amount of degrees will often be the case because of the size of the compass. The size directly effects the respective magnetic strength of the compass by limiting the size and strength of the magnets.

This is precisely for this reason that button compasses are not often used in orienteering competitions or as a primary source of accurate direction. We highly recommend our line of larger Brunton Compasses if a highly accurate reading is required. However, for general direction finding, small size and durability, you simply can not beat the Best Glide Compact Tracker Button Compass.

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